In a 100 hundreds squared metres house a clear cut divides a rectangular in a half.

The bearing wall is thickened, to get the space all around in the social part of the house dynamic and to expand calm and pleasure in the intimate part of the house, here winded up by the water sensuality.

On one side of the wall curves and counter-curves play silently a dance, expressing in lines, in levels and in volumes. On the other, side of the wall a challenge: chasing the light in a game made of transparency and opacity, in a see-through frame, water drops and reflections on the walls, methacrylate and laminate looking for hiding places that reveals.

On one side I dance, on the other I stay… passing through “ovosodo”.

Ovosodo is a metaphore and a presence.
Bulky and invasive because of its shape and plasticity, it is essential, heart of the house and interpreter of itss sociality.
It’s essential because of its function: it is the kitchen.
It’s essential in the day zone, giving special quality to everything thanks to its feminine shape, in welcoming with its sinuous and soft figure.

Different is what happens in the night zone, where the cut line wins, in spaces, even if accompanied by the water sensuality, that are fragmented.
Here privacy is reinterpreted.
On one side the daughters, on the other the parents, to go back always in the centre, where…
Where that “ovosodo” always is.


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